Season's Greetings from the Creative and Healthy Christmas Topiaries

Edible Fruit, Veggies and Mixture of Different Topiary Styles!

The Yuletide Season is just days away and it's been a pleasure for me to add update on my long-forgotten blog page. As of the moment I got some time to create an added content on my blog site and it feels great to make a new post again.

I've been yearning to do these a few months ago but it seems like my ink cartridge has run out of refill for a long while. Finally it's been replaced- Thank God! I now have the time to do this after a long time. Since I have been on the surfing and browsing mode for the rest of the week  (having no client for a week now-no luck for now).

Enough of all these excuses! Now that I'm back to update my long lost blog and hopefully continue until the next year, I have plans to add creative contents to my posts, and to start with my post before the year end. This is about "topiary designs". These can be great Christmas or holiday specials to create at home and also enjoy nibbling!

I had been looking for some great samples of products to promote and probably create myself (something that can be easily burned by my system). So, this images came to me while I was checking my Facebook account and Google.

There are several ways to make fruit topiary and not just fruit, mind you, but other specially designed products that will look good over your centerpiece, dinner table, or side tables on the eve of Christmas or New Year.

Below you might find some useful and inspiring topiary designs and may perhaps will you to make your own style for them as well.

These are my first choice as they are a bunch full of fruity, rich in nutrients, healthy mixtures that may contain detoxifying ingredients to boost our immunity.

What you're going to see below are pictures of healthier foods that are very essential to our well-being. They can be considered as cruciferous foods which can also cleanse or detoxify our body.

I hope the following will help gauge your appetite and love for healthy foods. Anyhow, as I've already showed a bunch of healthy, creative foods. I'd like you to consider some of these foods as well, for those who want to add some coolness and sweetness during the holiday celebration. You will see pictures of candies, biscuits or delicacies used and enhanced with the look of Christmas trees, etc.

Now, I know that you can tap into your own creativeness and make one or two of your own to  either display, use as a form of gift to your love ones or even make a profit this coming Christmas season, and every seasons to come. Just make use of your ingenuity and craftiness- and your way to go! These all looks good to be gone but be sure to eat in moderation (you know what I'm trying to imply.)

I wish you all a wonderful and gratuitous Christmas. Cheers for our health and good life! :)

Now, You can Throw Away Those Glasses and Heal Glaucoma Naturally!

I believe that everyone are aware and knows something about glaucoma. What exactly is glaucoma and what do we need to know about it? Glaucoma is a group of eye conditions that leads to the damage of the optic nerve, the nerve that carries visual information from eye to the brain. This condition is caused by excess pressure to the eyeball and if left untreated can cause permanent damage to the affected eye and may lead to blindness. Even though the idea of having one may sound painful but then most people have no idea that they actually have it. Having glaucoma can be scary since the first time symptoms would show up it would be too late to do anything about it. Once the outbreak occurs there is nothing anyone can do to end the disease.

Tunnel vision and narrowing in the field of vision are the first symptoms of Glaucoma, which quickly moves into the final stages of Glaucoma which leads to permanent blindness. The poor circulation, poor drainage and plugged channels around the eyes are the main causes of glaucoma. The main causes of these symptoms are too much stress, strain, outside stressors as well as the many toxins in the body. A lot of people may still end up with blindness. The fix helps to prolong the inevitable for awhile longer.

Since glaucoma is usually caused by stress and once diagnosed with this kind of disease, the disease doesn’t stop there because in most cases it only worsens the stress. Thus, it now creates anxiety, nervousness and the scare of blindness. The fear of unknown together with weariness starts to consume the daily struggles in their life that only adds to the strain and stress on the eyes. This only makes the symptoms to worsen instead of taking steps to remedy or try to fix the issue.

Any person who suffers from glaucoma should seek medical advice and attention because if this is left undetected, may cause blindness. There’s however several steps that you can take for yourself to cure the eye ailments by learning how to relax the eyes. Every night what you need to do is to take some time to fully relax your eyes before sleeping. While lying in bed with eyes closed, make your muscles relax form head to toes. Concentrate most especially on relaxing those muscles around the eyes by fully relaxing before falling asleep to ensure a better night’s sleep to wake up refreshed. Glaucoma can be a very scary thought, and by learning to relax the eyes, you can take natural steps to cure the ailment.

There are several steps to take to combat glaucoma. Here is a great way to improve your eye vision by taking time to relax and give way to create eye health, find out how at Vision Health.

Learning a Few Exercises for the Eyes is Worth a Clearer Sight

After that long working hours at the office or any place of work, our eyes are tired, sometimes overused and they must have time to relax and release pressure to renew and improve our vision. The worst thing that we can do to our eyes is to strain and to stare too much. In order for us to keep our eyes healthy and working at our advantage, there are some distinctive and very helpful alternative exercises for the eyes, which are designed to keep our eyes feeling strained.

Here are three things to learn when doing eye exercises:

  • Dot exercise- For this type of eye exercise you must first need to find a period or a comma on a certain page or post you are currently looking and make sure that you focus on it while making it as clear as possible. Stare at that period or point until you feel that it clearly comes into your eyes focus. There is a big chance that after a few seconds that period will become less clear and blurry.

Do this exercise while at the same time relaxing the eyes. Close your eyes for some time and then relax a bit. Continue what you have been doing by staring at the period again without straining your eyes. Try not to stare but instead let your eyes move slowly around the page, then over a period and around that period. Making sure that you are not focusing your eyes on the period alone since the eyes needs to move. You can blink your eyes as well for a short time while you close your eyes and at the same time creating a picture of the dot, then slowly look at it again. And once your eyes are more relax and focus then most surely it easier for you to see the period.

  • Word exercise- This is the second kind of exercise for the eyes. What you are going to do this time is to look for a word on a page or note you are looking. It is suggested to find a word with five or more letters and then stare at the word making out the complete view of the letters without moving the eyes. Be sure to give your entire focus on the whole word while trying to catch and keep hold of that image in your head. If you are staring, glaring or concentrating too hard it will again cause the word to blur when looking at it.

By this time you should be more relaxed or let your eyes relax a bit and try to move it slowly over, around and across each letter of the word, allowing the eyes to lead you at the same time. Do not force your eyes to view or look at what you wanted.  Doing this should make the word clearer when you are looking at it again. Allowing your eyes to move around is what’s aiding them to work there best without straining them.

  • Double Vision exercise- This exercise is meant to get your eyes to work as a team. Many individuals tend to use one eye to look at a certain object, while the other one is working on a different task. You can help make an object brought to its sharper focus with both of your eyes but doing this cause unnecessary stress to the eyes. The trick here is ensuring that the eyes are relax, making them focus on the object lightly in a calming way thereby allowing both of the eyes to focus clearly together.

Clearly and understandably, learning tips and tricks about eye exercises and keeping them relax is always a great way to develop useful and lasting habits, while at the same time ensuring that your eyes will remain great for more years to come.