Health and Wellness at Workplace

Start a path to a healthier lifestyle with this useful tips and beneficial ideas in starting a health and wellness practice in the workplace.

Determine how employees lead a healthy lifestyle before starting an employee wellness program.
  • For employers, look around and check employees, try to observe employees who smoke during breaks, see if smoking cessation program could help. Observe and watch their progress, see if they are more into junk foods, by how easily the junk food laden machines are replenished.
  • Seek to know if there are employees who take advantage of exercise or local walking trails as part of their quest for healthy living. These ideas will be helpful to provide the employers and the company better idea for the right and proper employee wellness program to be observed and implemented.
Survey employees to know and determine their health lifestyle or habits.
  • Check on their routine meals, if they eat the right amount of food and nutrient recommendations or    if they miss out on a lot of nutrients they need for a day’s work. These corporate wellness program will give due benefits to the companies since employees don’t have the time and energy to provide top health and wellness concerns at work or when they leave office to their homes.
Try having a health and wellness affair. Kick things off by having a healthy living “Fair”.
  • Even just for a day’s worth, offer employees free flu shots, blood pressure check-ups, cholesterol screenings, body/fat ratio assessments, programs for smoke cessations or free mammograms. Give employees a chance to amp and rev up their healthy lifestyle on a free basis. Corporate health and wellness program is an added benefit that employees get for working on the company.
 Provide Incentives- Offer employees’ cash money to lose weight, commit themselves to smoking cessations or any general health and wellness program.
  • Encourage your employees by offering prizes. Encourage a healthier lifestyle by sponsoring employees who want to enter charity race, run a marathon or any sports play.
A workplace that incorporates a health and wellness program will benefit with the ff:
  • Effects of stress are lowered
  • Cost of disability, absenteeism and drug prescription lowers
  • This is a great way to attract and keep employees
  • Low health and wellness expenditures will keep employees and this create a healthy and happy environment
The workplace members will benefit the ff:
  • The broaden knowledge and awareness they get from ways to improve health programs
  • Less stressful workplace
  • Employees are more physically fit therefore they have increase productivity output and performs better at work.
  • They will be more flexible in their approach to health related problems


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